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Learn About How Antinuclear Antibodies Affect Your Fertility

Welcome to my 8-part Autoimmune Fertility series Part I: Learn About How Antinuclear Antibodies Affect Your Fertility This is Part I, Blog I, focusing on how Antinuclear antibodies (ANA’s) affect your fertility. Here you will learn about what Antinuclear antibodies are and tests to check them. Blog II will discuss things you can do if you have high ANA's. If you are a woman who has had multiple … [Read More...]

Learn More About Autoimmune Fertility, Genetics & What You Can Do

Autoimmune fertility issues are ones I frequently see in my acupuncture practice. In fact: the creation of this blog series comes from the profound inspiration of my many patients with these challenges. These are women who are seek to understand their bodies, strive to become pregnant, and have happy, healthy babies. My name is Karen Reynolds. I am an RN with 29-years’ experience as a critical … [Read More...]

Menstrual Pain: Stop It With Acupuncture

Each month many women dread menstrual pain.  Did you know acupuncture can get you out of monthly menstrual pain? The diagnosis which medical doctors give period pain is called Dysmenorrhea. This can be either Primary dysmenorrhea or Secondary dysmenorrhea. Primary dysmenorrhea causing menstrual pain means: there appears to be no physical cause for your pain during menstrual bleeding. Secondary … [Read More...]