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Perimenopause symptoms: 7-Easy Actions You Can Take to Feel Better {Part II of II}

Did you have any “yes” answers to yesterday's quiz ? (See Part I if you missed it.) Perimenopause symptoms can be associated with inflammation. Any yes answers indicate inflammation. Inflammation can be temporary or can be chronic and can often be improved with diet and lifestyle changes. One way to look at this “silent” inflammation is that it is like oil build-up inside your car engine. … [Read More...]

Perimenopause symptoms: 7-Easy Actions You Can Take to Feel Better {Part I of II}

Real comments from clients with perimenopause symptoms: “Gail”: Don’t mind me: I’m having my own private summer over here. Rapid disrobing in a seat near you soon. “Ann”: Why is my waist size growing but my diet has not changed? “Lynn”: My body has decided there is apparently no sleeping between the wee hours of 1:30AM and 4AM. “Stephanie”: It’s safe to say I can never sneak up on … [Read More...]

Computer Security: health care practitioners are you feeling lucky? Part II

Computer Security Part 2: Interview with Peter Loose of the IT Guys of Novato, CA  Karen Reynolds, LAc, MS, RN: Thank you, Peter, for meeting with me today to discuss computer security. After helping me with updates to my acupuncture practice computer security systems, I realized the necessity and value of your work for the offices of medical and complimentary care practitioners. Can you tell … [Read More...]