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Breast Infections (Mastitis)~What You Can Do

  Are you postpartum or post-piercing and having breast redness or pain? If so: you may be suffering from “mastitis”. Mastitis is a general term for breast infections. These can happen while breast feeding, but also can develop even in women who are not breast feeding. Some non-breast feeding related causes are: cracked skin of the nipples or when healing from nipple piercing. Skin breaks … [Read More...]

Avoid the flu: here’s what to do!

Do you want to avoid the flu and stay healthy? Here is information to help you avoid the flu. Are you worried about staying healthy during this cold and flu season? If so you are in good company of concerned citizens. There are whole families suffering from the current creeping crud. This article is about things you can do to keep yourself safe and sound. First let me says that if you want … [Read More...]

Bay Area: Please Protect Your Lungs

Protect Your Lungs! In the aftermath of the Santa Rosa and Wine Country fire disasters, here is an easy To-Do list to protect your lungs. Keeping your lungs and the lungs of your loved ones as safe as possible is key in this high air pollution situation. It can not be said enough: please protect your lungs at this time.   When outdoors, always wear an N95 Particulate Respirator Face … [Read More...]